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Helpful Travel Finds

Anyone else excited about school being over and summer approaching?! Travel plans on the horizon? As a family with teens we are often going in so many different directions in the summer time. I love to find travel hacks and gadgets to make our time on trips easier. Functional products get me every… single… time. If I see something and think wow that would be such a problem solver, or gosh that would save me some time/effort, or I neeeeeeded that on such and such trip when… lol. I’m sure you get the point! So on to my recent travel finds! is reader supported, and this page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

1. Travel Mirror

I love this travel mirror that lights up and magnifies! It also comes with a nice pouch to protect it while traveling. Find it on Amazon: HERE.

2. Make up brush holder

This trendy silicone brush holder is cute and functional. I love that there are multiple colors to choose from (I adore this khaki shade because I’m loving the natural shades trend right now). They are an inexpensive way to protect those brushes from being thrown in with the rest of your bag! Find it on Amazon: HERE.

3. Bottle covers

These stretchy covers fit over the end of any bottle or tube lid. No one likes it when liquids or gels leak in our bags! This handy solution offers peace of mind you won’t be cleaning up a mess when you arrive at your destination. Find them on Amazon: HERE.

4. This 3 in 1 Charging Station for Multiple Apple Devices

I mean who doesn’t love the ability to charge all of your devices from one cord?! This travel find is such a convenience I would gladly use it at home on the nightstand as well. Find it on Amazon: HERE.

5. Small Sweet Velvet Jewelry Box

This luxury looking velvet jewelry box holds just the right amount of jewelry for a getaway. I love that there is a spot for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Find this at Amazon: HERE.

6. Light Blocking Sleep Mask

If you are anything like me on a flight or even as a passenger in a car and need a nap, blocking out the light is super helpful. I also get terrible visual migraines and using a great sleep mask helps me tremendously! This sleep mask has thousands of good reviews on Amazon and you can find it: HERE.

7. Apple Air Tag

Worry no more about losing your luggage place the Apple Air Tag in your bag and you can simply track it from your phone. You can find them on Amazon 1 pack: HERE. Or if you would prefer a 4 pack: HERE.

8. Travel Door Lock

Travel safely with this extra precaution when staying away from home. It easily installs in seconds and without any extra tools required. You and your travel companions will have peace of mind while enjoying your trip. Find it at Amazon: HERE.

9. Electronics Organizer

I know my family always has cords everywhere while traveling for different electronic devices. This organizer looks like it would be the perfect solution to keeping everything in its place instead of in a knot at the bottom of a bag! Find it at Amazon: HERE.

10. Sea Bands

I will forever promote these little bands! I wore them while pregnant with my first baby 16 years ago and was so nauseated I couldn’t eat a thing. They were the only thing that helped at all. Since then any time I have nausea they are what I pull out of my purse and use! Yep same pair, 16 years… GREAT investment ya’ll! Seasick? These. Airsick? These. Carsick? These. Seriously, get a pair! Keep them in your purse or car. They come in a great little plastic case for clean keeping. Get them on Amazon: HERE.

11. Reusable Lint Roller

This little ball holds a sticky lint roller that can be washed and reused as many times as you need! Amazing right? I mean no more peeling off sticky papers from a lint roller and throwing them away only to buy a new one when you are out. I love this small little ball you can throw in your purse or bag and use anytime you have lint, pet hair, or whatever you need to get off your clothes! Find it on Amazon: HERE.

11. Mini Razor

I think this mini razor is one of my favorite finds! I love how small it is and that it has its own little case to travel in. So smart. Find it on Amazon: HERE.

12. Makeup Travel Bag

Sleek and functional this bag is perfect for your makeup and toiletries on a trip. The spot for brushes is so nice! They have several colors, but again that sandy white is beautiful and super trendy right now. Find it on Amazon: HERE.

13. Waterproof Smartphone Pouch

If you plan to go on a cruise some place that will have water involved, or just a chance of needing to waterproof your phone get this pouch! My husband and I have been on one cruise and we got these pouches for our phones because we knew one of our excursions included a lot of water but we wanted our phones for pictures. They were a great purchase and we now take them to theme parks for water rides for protection! Find them on Amazon: HERE.

14. Portable Dog Water Bottle/Dispenser

Do you have a dog or cat that you travel with? We do! We love to take our two sweet golden doodles with us when we travel if we can. This water bottle/dispenser is super useful in the car to make sure they have water while driving without the mess. There is a button to release the water into the small dish and then if they don’t drink it all push the button and it drains back into the bottle! We also can easily take this on walks with our dogs or if we stop to walk around with them we grab it in case they need hydration. Find it on Amazon: HERE.

15. Pill organizer

When you need to pack medication in your bag this is a great small organizer that comes with stickers to write which pills are in each compartment. I have one just like this in my purse. Find it on Amazon: HERE.

16. Sound Machine

If you are traveling someplace with unfamiliar sounds a sound machine can be just the thing that helps you get a good night’s rest. This one has 30 different sound settings to choose from and you can find it on Amazon: HERE.

17. Clothing Steamer

Fresh wrinkle free clothes while traveling can be easy when you have a steamer! This travel steamer folds up and fits right into your suitcase yet is powerful enough to get those wrinkles out. Find it on Amazon: HERE.

18. Neck Pillow

Travel naps deserve a great neck pillow, and this one has almost 50,000 positive reviews on Amazon at the time of this post! It is designed for each kind of travel napper, side sleeper, front sleeper, against a window… you get the picture. Get this extra comfort on Amazon: HERE.

19. Packing Cubes

These helpful packing cubes keep everything organized inside your suitcase. I love the idea of keeping everything in its own place and easy to find! Get them on Amazon: HERE.

20. Duffle Bag and Collapsable Garment Rack

This rolling duffle bag is one of the coolest items yet! It rolls on wheels with a handle, it collapses down very small for storing, and best part it has a garment rack that you can pull up when needed! How amazing is that?! I can think of so many times traveling that this would have come in handy. Find it on Amazon: HERE.

Happy travels friends! I hope you found something on this list that was helpful 🙂