Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

On Fridays I am going to share something that is a current favorite idea, product, recipe, etc. Today’s favorite is a product that has helped my daughter Bella so much I want to share it with my readers.
My little girl has always had a very tender head. Brushing her hair has been a real struggle. No matter how gentle I try to be she cries and is in a lot of pain. Barely brushing her head results in an all out battle sometimes. As a mom this is very frustrating, because what mom wants to feel like she is causing her daughter pain?

Then I found this beauty:

Yes, it may look like just another brush but it is most certainly not just another brush. It’s a “Wet Brush” that is the brand. Trust me we’ve tried all other types of brush and this is the only one! No tears, not one has been shed while using it! I can even brush quickly and in my opinion pretty hard and she just sits quietly waiting for me to finish her hair. Amazing. No really, AMAZING!

So I recently got an Amazon gift card and ordered a 2nd one because I may have fallen in love with how hers felt brushing my own hair!

Well that’s my Friday Favorite for today friends 🙂 Go get a Wet Brush! Also, no I wasn’t paid or given products in exchange for this post in any way. Thanks for stopping by!



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