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100+ Non Toy Gifts Ideas for Kids

I’m already starting to think about Christmas gifts. Each year I try to come up with some stocking stuffers and gifts that are not toys. My kids get toys too but it’s always nice to give practical or functional gifts as well. So this year I’ve compiled a list of ideas for non toy gifts to share with my readers.



Band aids colorful/fun prints
Magazine (my kids love national geographic for kids)
Hair ties/bows
Fun shoelaces
Bath color tabs
Small pack of tissues
Scented markers
Ear muffs
Fun soap
Crazy straws
Art supplies
New hairbrush
Bath puff in their favorite color
Sidewalk chalk
Play dough
Glow sticks
Magnifying glass
Bath crayons
Fun night light
Fun placemat
Nail polish, nail stickers, file
Tooth fairy pillow
Kid chopsticks
Magic washcloths that are vacuum packed then expand in water
Flash cards
Coloring book
Gift card
Jump rope


Membership (zoo, aquarium, kids museum)
Dress up items (capes, masks, hats, etc.)
Instrument (castanets, recorder, drum, keyboard, etc.)
Fun T-shirt
Journal (one of my daughter’s favorite gifts lately was a doodle journal)
Camera for the budding photographer
Date with Mom/Date with Dad coupon to be redeemed when they need some one on one time
Soft blanket (I love crocheting and giving away my blankets)
Tickets for a play or movie theater
Board game
A Globe for the geography loving kid (my son would love this!)
Backpack my kids love their backpacks and load them up to take everywhere!
New shoes (one of my kids favorite birthday gifts this year was cowboy boots from their grandma)
Personalized water bottle
Ant farm or butterfly habitat
Umbrella we have a kid one that my children love to use anytime it looks like it might rain!
Piggy bank
Telescope, my dad recently handed down a telescope of his to my kids as a gift and they love it!
Fishing pole this is one my kids have been asking for this year
“Ice buddy” this is what my kids call freezer packs that we keep in the freezer for boo boos
Travel neck pillow in a fun color or character shape
Purse or wallet my grandma used to give me a purse or wallet and would always make sure there was a little money (a quarter or dime) in it for luck 🙂 I love this memory
Bean bag chair
Jewelry box
Walkie-talkies my kids love playing with these!
Fun Pajamas
Small aquarium and fish
Headphones or earbuds
Microscope (I have a budding scientist begging for one)
Easel for all of those masterpieces!
Kids Bible, we love the Jesus Storybook Bible
Seeds to plant and grow together
Dance/gymnastics classes both of my girls have been asking about dance and gymnastics classes lately
Sleeping bag
Frisbee or other sporting equipment my littles love throwing a frisbee with their Dad
Fun pillow or new sheet set
A special ornament
Beach towel or cute hooded bath towel
Science kit (volcano kit, growing crystals, etc.)
Music CD
Kids fun dishes and silverware
Baking set (small rolling pin, cookie cutters, cookie mix)
New lunch box
Origami paper and book of instructions on folding
Growth chart
Model kit (pine car racer, rocket, etc.)

P. S. NO candy either 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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