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DIY Febreeze NO Fabric Softener

I love febreeze, but it is a rather expensive product and I have seen many pins on Pinterest for making your own cheaper. The ones I have seen are made with liquid fabric softener, and for various reasons we do not use liquid fabric softener in our home. In an attempt to make my own febreeze cheaper and without liquid fabric softener I have come up with my own that I love and want to share with my great readers!


I love Downey Unstopables, I use it to help my laundry smell great even though I don’t use liquid fabric softener. I even did a post on how I use them in sachets in linen drawers for long term freshness here. So I decided to attempt my own febreeze using the scent booster!


Spray bottle
1/4 cup scent booster beads
1 cup hot water
Enough water to fill your spray bottle the rest of the way


I put 1/4 cup of the scent booster into the cup of hot water and stirred until melted. I poured the mixture into my spray bottle with a funnel and then filled the rest of the way with water. My spray bottle is 28 ounces.


I love the results, but I will warn you only spray a little because a little goes a long way! It’s cheaper, simple and makes my furniture smell great 🙂 thanks for stopping by!


16 thoughts on “DIY Febreeze NO Fabric Softener”

    1. Nope, liquid fabric softener has chemicals in it to coat the clothing to make it feel softer along with the fragrance. The scent booster does not contain the softening chemicals just the fragrance. I’ve read that the chemicals used to coat the fabric are a fire accelerant. This is why I use the fragrance only scent boosters and not liquid fabric softener. I get the smell without the chemicals making my family’s clothing more likely to catch fire.

      1. I always wondered why i didn’t like fabric softner i used it once and never did again i prefer the scent boosters thank you for posting this too cause i thought the same thing but didn’t know how to execute it.

  1. Do you think adding any white vinegar to this would help to “sanitize” or get rid of any odors like ped odors? I love this idea and had made some already. I love the scent but was wondering if this would just cover up the odors instead of just getting rid of the odors and leaving a fresh scent. I use this on my carpet and dog beds. Thank You.

  2. This works great, I love it. I actually found some fragrance booster crystals at a local discount chain, I only paid
    $1 for them & they are just as good as the name brand
    Thank you so much for your diy video
    I can hardly wait to see what else I can do with this product

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