Baby Girl Shower Cake

I was asked to make a baby shower cake and given a link to some adorable baby bedding from Pottery Barn Kids with sweet pink and brown birds as inspiration. I ended up with a bottom layer of chocolate cake with homemade butter cream frosting in the center and all over as a crumb layer. Then a top layer of yellow cake with the same homemade butter cream frosting in the center and as a crumb layer. Then I made my own fondant, and used it to attempt to replicate the look of the bedding. I love how it turned out and can’t wait to give it to the friend who ordered it from me! Here are some pics of the cake with from the side and top. Hope you like it!




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3 thoughts on “Baby Girl Shower Cake”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love this cake, and this site. It had given me some wonderful ideas of crafts to do with my daughter (when she is a little bigger) and some really creative activities! I love it!

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