Fall Painting With My Artsy Girls :)

I love painting with my girls and I decided last week while decorating for fall that my entry way needed a fall painting.  I love involving my girls in any painting/craft I can so I grabbed a canvas and squirted it with a bright orange colored paint and let my girls finger paint it until it was covered.  I then let it dry and took some scrapbooking sticker letters in different shapes and sizes, spelling out some of my favorite words that remind me of fall and put them in the right hand corner.

Next the girls fingerpainted the entire thing again over the orange and stickers with a nice green paint (knowing the first coat of color would leak under the stickers a bit for a distressed look).  Without letting the green totally dry up I let the girls use wet scrunched paper towels dipped in brown red and yellow paints to dab all over the canvas.  Because the paper towels are wet it removed a bit of green in some places to let the orange color come through and also gave the overall painting a distressed look.  I didn’t let them do this for very long or the whole thing would end up just a brown mess.  Once we were done though, each fall color (orange, green, brown, red and yellow) were represented in a nice painting.

This I let totally dry and then peeled up the stickers.

I really love how it turned out and it warms up our entryway nicely 🙂  Oh and it cost nothing, I was given several nice canvases recently by a sweet friend who encourages my artistic habit and I had all the paint and stickers.  Hope you enjoyed it! 

Happy crafting!

Johanna 🙂


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