Sick Memories…

my top ten sick memories:

1.  Anytime I was super sick growing up my Dad would give me warm sprite (that he stirred up until not a drop of carbonation was left) and (usually stale) saltine crackers and tell me, “Just take small sips and nibble slowly on the crackers”

2.  One of my best friends in high school would bring me an apple juice any time I was sick or sad.

3.  I’ll do just about anything NOT to throw up…. seriously

4.  I’ve suffered through many injuries just to avoid a Dr.  (or to not sit out of a sport)  such as I broke my ankle in High School (during track season) and my parents had no clue until in college when it was broken again and they saw the healed break that the Dr pointed out in my X-ray (that didn’t go over well with my mom)

5.  I’m a stay-with-me-I-feel-terrible type of sick person…. some people are my opposite, hide in a room and want everyone to go away till they feel better…. which are you?

6.  As a mom I have realized I am terrible at cleaning the kids up after they throw up… I almost always start gagging a bit, but I always mom-up and force myself to take care of them anyway (amazing what being a mom does to a person)

7.  As a wife I’ve learned that my husband loves to tell his favorite throwing up stories as if they were badges of honor and I’ve found I’m never impressed by them… just grossed out. 

8.  Even as I approach 30 I still call my mom and need to hear , “I wish I were there to take care of you”

9.  I do not like to take pills, and always drink an entire glass of water with them… long story

10.  Hardest reality of being sick lately..  mom’s don’t get sick days…


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