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Picture Keeper Giveaway!

I take a lot of photos. I am not a professional photographer by far, but between my blog and my love for taking pictures of my family I have thousands of pictures on my computer. I worry about keeping them safe in a second location in case something happens to the computer. I was recently … Continue reading

No More Static!

I have frizzy hair. First step is admitting it right? I have always battled my frizzy hair. I straighten, pull with a brush, use tons of products and any time there is any humidity in the air at all I lose :( right after blow drying might be the scariest! I have a new secret … Continue reading

Lighthouses and Grandmothers

I am an artist, painting is my favorite thing to do on my own time. I am not amazing but decent and am passionate about my work. I do live worship art for big audiences, I do murals for walls, I do small pieces for fun or to sell, I paint for hire and paint … Continue reading

Half Marathon

My half marathon was yesterday! I’ve had so much support from my friends and followers I feel very blessed. Many of you have asked for an update so here it is…

Bucket List…

Hey friends! I’m writing a rare personal post today. Not very often do I bare my heart like this in my blog, so be gentle with your comments please! I have a bucket list, do you? One of the items on my bucket list is to run a half marathon someday. Two years ago I … Continue reading

Sponsored Video: Rice Krispies

Hey friends! Do you have that one cereal that when you eat it takes you right back to childhood? Well anytime I have a big bowl of Rice Krispies Cereal I remember Saturday morning cartoons and footie jammies with my little brother. Good memories can come from the simplest things in life! I would like … Continue reading

Stuffed Peppers

Today I’m sharing my stuffed peppers recipe. It is a simple and tasty recipe that will make your house smell amazing while they bake! My oldest daughter is not a fan of meat but if you spice it up she loves it. This is one of her (and my husband’s) favorite recipes.

Double Cheese Burger and Fries… Cake!

I have a friend whose daughter challenges me more each year to make an awesome fun cake for her birthday. Well this year she turned 13 and wanted cake shaped like 3D food. Knowing this teen girl as I do, she loves food and I wanted to make something great for her. So here it … Continue reading

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