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DIY Lipgloss

I get to meet weekly with some awesome high school and middle school girls. We do a bible study, discuss life and sometimes have a quick craft that I can apply to their lesson. These girls are amazing and I am honored to be a part of their lives! For the past few weeks we … Continue reading

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Huge News!!!!

Hey friends (readers totally count as my friends after 4 years blogging!) I have some amazing and exciting news to share! Nothing this big has ever happened because of my blogging before :)

Making Sweet Irish Soda Bread With Kids

So we just traveled home today after a nice week’s vacation at my parents house. It was obvious all the way home that my children had just left their Irish Grandmother’s house very close to St. Patrick’s Day! All the way home we heard them chattering about gold, leprechauns and shamrocks :) I adore watching … Continue reading

My Sister’s Wedding

My little sister got married today! I am happy for her and her husband and pray they have a wonderful life together. In case you haven’t read my “About Me” section my name is Johanna Spaulding. My sister’s new married name is Shannon Wilson. I found it fun that both our last names are sporting … Continue reading

Lightning Bug Jars

The summer is winding down now, only a few more weeks until it is officially fall. My kids are hanging onto summer as long a they can! A few nights ago we came home at dusk and the lightning bugs were out. Our oldest of course initiated a lightning bug hunt :). We keep some … Continue reading

Birthday Party for 2 Sweet Girls

This year we were traveling all around my daughter Bella’s birthday in July. By the time we slowed down enough to have a real party it was almost her older sister’s birthday. So after talking to the girls, they were fine combining their parties into one. They were not budging on a combined theme though. … Continue reading

Noah’s Superhero Party

My son turned 3 last weekend! He asked for a superhero party this year and as a closet superhero fan I was more than a little excited :) Here is a peek at our little party (before my kids turn 5 we just do a family party at home and after 5 they start inviting … Continue reading

Day in Photos

Yesterday I went from scratchy throat to sore throat/cold status. So my body made me slow down and get some much needed rest. I also needed to do some blogging though and decided I haven’t done a day in pictures in a while. So here it is, my sick day home with my kiddos trying … Continue reading


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